Winter Stroll – Pure Pashmina Scarf

Made from the thinnest of fibers, this Pashmina stole doesn't solely reflect the quality of the fabric but also the deftness of the fingers of its maker. Own Grown works with some of Kashmir's most skilled craftsmen to bring you products worthy of royalty and this shawl is a testament of the quality and luxury that it imbibes. 

Nothing compares to the warm hug of a comforting cup of Kashmiri Chai and paired with a pure Pashmina shawl in the chill of winter and good book, you have yourself a cozy evening of peace and tranquility. 

  • Material: Pashmina wool 

Caveat: The stole is machine-spun and machine-woven. However, no its in its natural shade as no chemical color is used. The stole uses 100% Pashmina wool.