Trunk Up Indian Elephant

Bespoke collection of this Dhokra Elephant is an antique craft, attached with a golden memory. This is a sort of metal casting that has been used by Indian craftsmen for over 4,000 years!

The vivid intricacy is the result of fine hand-crafted details by our artisans who believe in primitive simplicity. The technique of lost wax casting is named after the tribe of West Bengal and Orissa.

The twin Dhokra Elephant nurtured from the lost wax technique, usually depicted with the trunk up, symbolize the showering of good luck.
Not just to beautify your hall but spread love amongst all.


  • Dimensions: 3”x 2” each
  • Material: Brass
  • Caveat: Please allow for irregularities due to the distinct process of being hand-made from design to polish. Shades may vary due to photo-lighting.

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