The Tree of Life Painting

Rogan painting, an art form that almost died in the 20th century, finds its origins in the Kutch region of India. Barring one family that continued to keep the art form alive, these clothes paintings were replaced by cheaper textiles in recent times. However, as Gujarat became more accessible, the art form was revived and is now once again regaining its  grandeur. Rogan is a Persian word meaning oil or varnish and this style of art entails using paint made from boiled oil and vegetable dyes. Metal blocks or a stylus is used to transfer the paint onto cloth. 

This Tree of Life painting has been made by Abdul Gafur Khatri whose intricate work earned him a National Award and favor of the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, who gifted this design to former President of the USA, Mr. Barack Obama. The Tree of Life is a symbol of positive energy and his health and is said to bring its owner a bright and happy future. Put it up on your wall to attract positivity and of course, to invite compliments from your guests. 



  • Dimension: 14x10.5”
  • Material:  Cotton Cloth

Caveat: Please allow for a few irregularities in this piece. Each stroke of color and motif is painstakingly handmade. The slight imperfections symbolize how bespoke this art is.

Tree Of Life

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