The Red Chariot

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Description: The gentle mammoth, the Elephant is revered in many cultures all over the world where the animal is a symbol of mental and physical strength. It is said that having representations of this intelligent animal in the household invites courage and fortune. This papier mache handicraft has been painstakingly created by a skilled artisan and adds an exotic touch that will transport you to foreign lands with cobble stoned pathways lined with markets selling fascinating wares.

own grownn allows artisans to live a sustainable lifestyle by collaborating with them; these artisans not only have the opportunity to breathe life into a dying art form but your purchase from us also ensure they feel pride in their creations.

-       Dimensions: 3”
-       Material: Paper Pulp

Caveat: Please allow for a few irregularities in this piece. Each stroke of color and motif is painstakingly handmade. The slight imperfections symbolize how bespoke this art is.

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