Scarf with Handspun, authentic Pashmina

You choose a Pashmina the way you choose someone to love. It’s instinct, it’s being taken in with a magic, and it’s with the hope that it’s real and will last forever. A true Pashmina does. All our Kashmiri Pashmina stoles come with the GI mark of purity and authenticity. The wool is hand spun and the stoles are also woven by hand with natural colors. A Pashmina is a keepsake, whether it’s wrapped around you or it lays spooled on a table. A forever kind of beauty because it’s a forever kind of love.


  • Dimensions: 80”x29”
  • Material: Pashmina Wool

Caveat: Few irregularities and coarseness on account f it being completely hand-woven. Shades may vary due to photo-lighting.


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