Papier-mâché Elephant Memento with Nakkashi Detailing

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As far as labors of love go, it is perhaps time to think beyond the Taj Mahal. Consider this delicately hand-carved and hand-painted papier-mâché elephant from Kashmir. Crafted to perfection, this artifact combines sturdy labor and exquisite painting. The intricate finesse of handmade papier mâché makes it an important item to have on your mantle or your work desk. As a symbol, an elephant depicts leadership, wisdom, and community. As a 400-year old art form, papier-mâché transforms used paper and scraps of textile into something exquisite. Let this symbol remind you that, with wisdom, beauty can be sculpted out of anything.


  • Dimensions: 4”x4”
  • Material: Paper Pulp

Caveat: Please allow for slight variances and irregularities in the piece. As the pieces are handcrafted by artisans, they will lack manufactured uniformity. Shades may vary due to photo-lighting. Do not allow it to come in contact with water or any other liquid.

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