Mystic: Handwoven cotton scarf

In ancient desert lands, there is a folklore that goes like this: the grains of sands have a song. When travelers cross endless stretches of deserts at night, the sand sings. They whisper to the camels. They keep the travelers awake. And they keep the moon high and bright. It’s the mystical vibe over the logical links that we have woven in this stole. It is pure cotton, woven by hand, and designed using shades of dark slate gray, white, and charcoal. Pick this up if you’re looking to give a certain gravitas to a casual outfit.  


  • Dimensions: 79”x25”
  • Material: Cotton

Caveat: Please allow for irregularities as this is a hand-woven piece. Weaving is not just a laborious process, but a deeply individual and personal one as well. This piece is truly one of its kind.


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