Kharad rug in ochre, sand, ivory and charcoal stripes

Think of a Kharad rug as a postcard in textile. Each rug is is made with handspun camel hair and is woven using an ancient nomadic weaving technque. The art form has traveled across the borders of Kachh, Pakistan, and Rajasthan. The dyes used in this rich fabric are pure vegetable dyes. Each rug can last up to 100 years. It is a meaningful investment as an heirloom piece. A handmade Kharad rug can elevate any space to look lush, yet cosy.
⦁ Dimensions:
⦁ Material: Camel hair
⦁ Caveat: Please allow for slight irregularities. The labor-intensive process of weaving kharad is now being undertaken by only two families in India. Each piece, therefore, is bespoke and rare. The colors of the rug may differ due to product lighting.

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