Garland of Paradise

Description: Your most prized possessions deserve a virtuous treasure box and that is why this ornamental papier mache box deserves a spot on your dresser. This opulent case is the handiwork of a Kashmiri artist who has mastered the craft by learning from a generation of papier mache artisans. Floral accents offer this box a soft and traditional look synonymous with Kashmiri heritage. 

The design on this gorgeous box is inspired by mother nature and the enigma of the universe where everything resides in perfect harmony. Bringing it into your home will bring peace and the boundless blessings of the universe.

-      Dimensions: 15 x 9 cm
-       Material: Paper Pulp

Caveat: Please allow for a few irregularities in this piece. Each stroke of color and motif is painstakingly handmade. The slight imperfections symbolize how bespoke this art is.