Drape of Cosmos: Handwoven woollen scarf

A handwoven woolen scarf is the product of a unique coordination enterprise. In the 10 step process that it takes to weave the wool, the weaver works like a surgeon – precisely separating the wool. At times, she performs like a pianist, creating the yarn. Finally, becomes an artist as he is dyeing the wool. This piece in ebony with mustard and red accents amalgamates all these roles into one. The classic palette makes it a safe and elegant gift as well as a staple for a winter wardrobe.


  • Dimensions: 82”x24”
  • Material: Merino Wool
  • Caveat: Please allow for irregularities as this is a hand-woven piece. Weaving is not just a laborious process, but a deeply individual and personal one as well. This piece is truly one of its kind.

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