Crimson Sunset – Papier Mache Tray

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Once a flourishing art form, papier mache had a variety of applications from luxury ornaments in Kashmir to coach door panels in Europe. A grand history was slowed down by the arrival of mass produced products using plastics and composites and papier mache became a dying art. own grownn aims to return it to its original state of glory by employing artisans from Kashmir who have been safeguarding it for generations.  

One such artisan has created this unique papier mache tray, painted over a wooden skeleton. The bright red and yellow colors of this product can bring any living room to life by giving it a bright and warm feel. Place it on your centre table to draw the attention of your guests or hang it up on the wall to turn your wall into a statement and combine with other Bohemian decor items to complete the look. 

-      Material: Wood

Caveat: Please allow for a few irregularities in this piece. Each stroke of color and motif is painstakingly handmade. The slight imperfections symbolize how bespoke this art is.


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