Ajrakh Scarf: Traditional, trendy, and signature

As a form of block printing by hand, Ajrakh is said to reveal a lot about the artisan’s technique and temperament. Each of our Ajrakh scarves is testament to that. This hand-printed stole has layered printing of motifs that span over 10 stages of block printing. Each stage needs to be completed flawlessly for the dye to hold and for the next pattern to be printed. The dark fabric offsets the rich terra-cotta and blue shades of the natural dyes. The intricate geometric patterns make this a quintessential Ajrakh piece.
⦁ Dimensions:
⦁ Material: Camel hair
⦁ Price:
⦁ Caveat: Please allow for minimal irregularities. Several artisans were involved in a 16 stage process to make this. These tiny imperfections make the design real and wholesome.

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