Royal Legacy

This hand-woven Pashmina is sure to become one of your prized possessions owing to its comfort and beauty. Also known as Cashmere, it is made from the naturally shedding hair of a particular goat found in Ladakh, making this shawl a completely humane wardrobe staple. And not just that, by purchasing a Pashmina from own grownn, you are contributing to the sustenance of the art of Pashmina making, that provides employment to rural and urban citizens.

This white and beige shawl will complement any outfit with ease thanks to its neutral tones. If you’re not much of a scarf person, you can even use it as a throw on your couch to add coziness and snuggle under it on those cold evenings.

  • Material: Pashmina wool

Caveat: The scarf is hand-woven. However, as the stole uses 100% Pashmina wool, please allow for slight irregularities of the fabric.

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