Monachopsis: Scarf in original Pashmina wool

This classic checked scarf in a muted palette of fawn, black, and grey is an original Pashmina. Make it a staple in your wardrobe to elevate a regular outfit or further accentuate a special one. We believe that every piece of this textile has its own dictionary. This bit of textile, to us, spells out Monachopsis - the soft but persistent feeling of being a little out of place.  It’s the kind of poetry that a true Pashmina evokes.


  • Dimensions: 84”x29”
  • Material: Pashmina wool
Disclaimer: The stole is machine-spun and machine-woven. These colors are not organic. However, as the stole uses 100% Pashmina wool, please allow for slight irregularities of the fabric.

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