Kharad rug with intricate tapestry and indigo accents

Think of a Kharad rug as a postcard in textile. Each rug is handwoven using an ancient nomadic weaving technque. A handmade Kharad rug can elevate any space to look lush, yet cosy.

This is a special specimen of a handmade Kharad rug. Each column of the rug is intricately handwoven in a different pattern. Yet the confluence of the various handspun threads, the use of one of the oldest dyes in history- indigo, make it a heritage piece worth investing in. As an art form, Kharad originated with travelers and nomads and found patronage in royal houses. This weave uses locally sourced cotton and the authenticity of an artisan. You can frame it on a wall as an alternative to a photograph or even wall-paper. Textile and travel have always gone together. Now, they find a home with you.


  • Dimensions: 3ft x 5ft
  • Material: Cotton

Caveat: The slight irregularities in this piece are what make it special. From the spinning of yarn to weaving to dyeing, is a handmade and community-based project. Every tiny aberration is a signature of an artisan who crafted this. The colors of the rug may differ due to product lighting.

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