Rugs at Own Grownn are handwoven using an ancient nomadic weaving technique. We believe that Organic & Hand woven rugs are best when it comes to sustainability. If you are looking to buy rugs online, your search is perhaps about to end here. You can frame it on a wall as an alternative to a photograph or use it as area rugs. If you buy these discounted rugs now, they find a home with you. You choose a Pashmina stole online the way you choose someone to love. It’s instinct, it’s being taken in with a magic, and it’s with the hope that it’s real and will last forever. A pure Pashmina Stole does. All our Kashmiri woolen stoles & stole for women come with the GI mark of purity and authenticity. The wool is hand spun and the stoles are also woven by hand with natural colors. A Pashmina shawl is a keepsake, whether it’s wrapped around you or it lays spooled on a table. This original Kashmiri pashmina comes in a gorgeous subdued palette and uses original Pashmina wool. Natural colors have been retained and no dyes have been used. Buy pure pashmina shawls online at Owngrownn!