Garden of Ornaments

These White and Gold coasters represent the opulence of the Kings that once ruled the lush lands of India. Ornate artwork on papier mache makes these coasters a one of a kind home décor item that is sure to make a statement. Artisans who have carried the skill with themselves for generations work with own grownn to create handmade masterpieces, each one of its kind.

Once a flourishing art form, Papier mache is now practiced only by a handful of artists, the world over despite its ability to withstand the wear and tear of the elements. Purchasing this set of coasters will not just bring beauty to your space but will also prevent the extinction of this skilled craft.


-       Dimensions:
-      Material: Paper Pulp

Caveat: Please allow for a few irregularities in this piece. Each stroke of color and motif is painstakingly handmade. The slight imperfections symbolize how bespoke this art is.

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